Sport Lisboa e Benfica now has a barbershop and beauty products

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The football team, Sport Lisboa e Benfica from Portugal announced for the first time in 2021 the launch of the "Barbearia Benfica" (Benfica’s Barbershop), an unprecedented concept in the universe of Portuguese clubs, which encompasses an online store dedicated to the sale of men's care products, and the opening of a physical barbershop. 

Currently, Benfica’s Barbershop is an online store with several products, and soon, with the opening of the physical barbershop, it will be possible not only to buy the new brand's products, but also to cut hair, shave and even get tattoos.
With this new service, members will find in the "heart" of this house another space for the people "like Benfica", and where they can share their experiences as lovers of the club and their opinions, contributing to the Benfica spirit.

For Buzzvel, it is always a pride to be able to be part of these digital transformations and contribute digitally to improve the interaction of the partners for another product with the “Benfica’s'' stamp.

Now, supporters of the “eagles” will be able not only to use products of their favorite club, but also find a place where they can take care of their look in a house dedicated to true “Benfiquistas”. 

Through experience in e-commerce for other clients (WooCommerce), we created a website with a simple and elegant interface that allows the user to make a quick, easy, intuitive and secure purchase. In addition, and in order to add to the project developed, several integrations were made, such as the billing system (Moloni) and distribution, which allows anyone from anywhere in the world to make the purchase. 

Buzzvel focuses above all in raising the quality of its websites, thus allowing customers of Benfica Barbershop to enjoy the products in the most comfortable and enjoyable way.